About Us

"RANDSBARG", a venture of Devanti Devi institutions Pvt ltd, is a Talent Development & Human Resource company. RANDSBARG, not only fulfill requirements of Hiring industry for job seekers but also works in the Direction of shaping freshers to be corporate ready. Our well versed and highly qualified team would hand-hold the students and help them to get their dream job.

OUR PURPOSE : The purpose of designing RANDSBARG is to give job seekers a platform for finding a right and satisfactory job according to their qualification and skills. RANDSBARG not only connects the job seekers with corporates but it also provides training for all kind of courses. RANDSBARG also has a job portal for job seekers to submit their CV and apply for job. RANDSBARG is prepared to provide all categories of job and help to get various type of job and help to get various type of job . The main purpose of RANDSBARG is to provide the facility to job job seekers for getting a quick job

Why we are different from others ?

Our Searching Process is designed to acquire talented peoples in the shortest possible time frame. If we all thought recruitment is just getting the right person at right time at right place and at right price, it’s time we rethink if it’s that simple. Recruitment is just not about filling vacancies, in our estimation that is just median through recruitment, because the problems start after that, candidate who gets recruited and stays in the organization for a longer run, They are Attrition False Commitments Disagreement in perceived role and responsibility Increasing Market and opportunities Internal issues with peers and superiors Work delegated not in tune with the professional interest Hence our recruitment philosophy works all these parameters while hunting a prospective employee for any employer.