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Social media tips for business

By  RANDSBARG 1 year ago
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.  Start with your basic objectives for using social media.

Before you can really begin to leverage social media, you need to ask yourself some key questions about why you’re doing it. What are you hoping to accomplish? Are you hoping to increase sales, or improve customer service? Or alternatively, are you just looking to create a little more visibility for your brand?

Start small, and be selective


There are numerous social platforms. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest – the list goes on. If you’re ambitious, you’re probably anxious to get your business up and running on most of them. But the reality is this – you can’t (and shouldn’t)  try to create your social presence on each of these platforms overnight. You have to start small (think crawl, walk, run).Be selective at first. Choose one or two sites to start out – the ones that make the most sense for your business. Then, once you have enough time and money to commit, begin to scale your efforts and social footprint.

 Come up with a memorable handle


What’s in a name? Ideally, it’s one that’s catchy and memorable. When it comes to your social presence, you’ll want to create a handle that people will recognize across all of your social brands.

It might be just your company’s name, or it might be something a little more elaborate, just to emphasize a certain aspect of your brand. For example, the BBC uses the username @BBCBreaking for its wildly popular Twitter account, reminding people of their abundance of breaking news. Samsung uses @SamsungMobile, which encourages consumers to buy their mobile devices.

 Build a social media team

Once you’ve got a plan for delving into social media marketing, you need to have resources to execute it. Once your social presence begins to scale, you won’t be able to handle every aspect yourself. You have a business to run, and you’ll need help

Try to build a “dream team” of people who all bring different strengths to the table. Have a writer who can write compelling social content, as well as graphics and video people who can take you into the multimedia sphere. You’ll also want an analytics person who can track your progress and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign. Most small businesses won’t have a budget for adding these positions to the payroll on a fulltime basis – but don’t worry – there are an amazing number of passionate freelancers


One of the key questions guiding your social efforts is this – how often will you post on your social sites? Is once a week enough, or do you need to do more? The answer? It depends on which sites. A good rule of thumb is if you’re writing in-depth blog posts with a lot of words, once or twice a week is probably fine. On sites like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, where people follow a lot of content from a great many people and brands, you’ll need to step it to 3-5 posts per week. On Twitter, where volume is king, you can do more. Several tweets per day is acceptable. One key rule – don’t post, just to post. Ensure each post, tweet or piece of content is relevant to your audience and adds value.

 Have a schedule, but show flexibility too


Timing your social posts is part science and part art. On one hand, there are certain optimal time slots – people love to browse social media sites during their lunch breaks and in the evenings after work. But if you adhere to a rigid schedule just to hit those sweet spots, you’ll start to seem too automatic, like a robot. You’ll want to mix it up for variety’s Once you’ve figured out how many times to post on your social sites, the next question is when.One of the best tools I’ve discovered for managing your content is 

Co-Schedule – It’s an amazing WordPress plugin and you can see it here.


 Be authentic and personable

Mingling with people on Twitter isn’t that different from doing so at a party or social gathering. In both cases, you make friends by being yourself and being authentic and nice.

Keep this in mind as you’re posting online. People don’t want to cozy up to a brand whose social presence sounds rigid and corporate – or worse yet, unpleasant. Show a human side, interact with people kindly and develop a personality. People will appreciate that, and the following will come.

Developed a content pipeline

A cute or funny post can grab a viewer’s attention for a minute or two, but what really keeps them coming back is engaging content. You want your social presence to link to sites and articles that people will find interesting, or that will add value to their lives. If you can do that, you can secure consumers’ loyalty.

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